BOA Compression Brace

The multi-functional BOA (Back Orthotic Appliance) compression brace. A maximum support LSO for pain, rehabilitation and maintenance. Adjust compression with single tension handle. Ideal for acute and chronic low back pain and post-op support. Rigid anterior panel included for limitation of forward flexion.

Ability to integrate lightweight rigid chairback frame. Allows for optimal posterior support, especially in post-op situations. Heat-moldable frame is lined with foam. Lordotic inserts may be used for added comfort.

BOA Brace with Chairback

The BOA braces provide rigid anterior and posterior compression from L1 - S1. The 8" Low Profile brace will accommodate most patients. The 10" Regular model is designed for patients with longer torsos.

BOA Universe

Designed to accommodate the need for a universally sized lumbar support that incorporates a mechanical advantage pulley closure system to improve compression and stability. Intuitively designed to be custom fitted to a patients size and needs. Three versions assist with lumbar (627), thoracic (631) and lateral control (637) of the lumbo-thoracic region. The light weight, low profile and comfortable design make the BOA Universe a back brace the wearer will enjoy wearing for acute or chronic conditions.


Provides support for the Sacro-iliac joint. Excellent adjunct to post-injection pain following an S.I. procedure. Reduces pain and swelling for strained or lax Sacro-iliac ligaments.

Female BOA Back Brace (75°)

Designed with the female shape in mind. The Female BOA incorporates the hourglass shape with the patented closure mechanism to provide comfortable, controlled compression of the lower back. The 75° Female BOA adapts to the anatomy and may also be integrated with the chairback frame. Lordotic inserts may be used for added comfort.


The BOA Duel TLSO is a unique prefabricated orthosis for post-operative, post traumatic, or chronic spinal pathology. The orthosis provides full circumferential rigid support from T-2 through S-5 and restricts forward, lateral and posterior motion and encourages a hyperextension posture. The anterior and posterior panels are removable and heat formable to customize fit and functionality of the brace when worn. The anterior sternal assembly can be locked to prevent tampering and assure proper fit when donning and doffing the assembly. Elastic shoulder straps adjust easily and are wide to minimize any pressure. Compression adjustments are made by pulling each of the lateral lacer assemblies handles to the desired level of comfort for the patient. The components are washable. The TLSO is made of a breathable foam and mesh laminate that allows for optimal comfort to the patient.

BOA Slim Panel XTR

The BOA Back Brace with Slim Panel XTR limits extension and provides excellent support from T9-S1. This low profile brace features the patented Lacer Compression.

BOA Lite

Low profile compression back brace and breathable mesh material. Lightweight design is ideal for back sprains and strains. The BOA Lite is not intended to be used with Chairback accessory.