Meet the OrthoLife Team

"Each member of the team is committed to providing the very best medical equipment available today at a realistic and competitive cost."

John Petlansky

President, CEO

Upon graduation from the University of California at Davis in 1986, John was granted an exclusive distributorship for Smith & Nephew DonJoy in San Francisco and Marin counties. His rapid success in these areas lead to the award of additional territory by DonJoy, as well as from other leading manufacturers of orthopedic medical equipment. By 1988, Pacific Medical was operating in three Western states, with 12 contracted independent sales associates.

A charismatic leader, John has demonstrated his exceptional talent at putting together and motivating cohesive, dedicated teams. Today, Pacific Medical, Inc. conducts business in eight western states with over 500 medical sales representatives, health care professionals, and business operation team members.

Jeffrey Leonard

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff originally started his career in the investment/banking business, but has now been the CFO for Pacific Medical, Inc. for more than 25 years.  After taking on a multitude of responsibilities over the years, Jeff now focuses on the field management team, relative to Pacific Medical’s proprietary OrthoLife platform, as well as our financial, operational, and IT teams/initiatives internally.

OrthoLife.  Jeff works with our field based management teams primarily from a business development and compensation perspective. Jeff is also keenly involved all new business development opportunities being considered.

Financial.  Jeff and Nuriam Anwary, Pacific Medical’s Financial Controller, manage a team of seven employees internally.  This includes A/P and A/R management, along with all tax planning/CPA interactions, and the management of our relationship with our banking/investment partners.

Operational.   Jeff and Nuriam have worked together for several years on revamping Pacific Medical’s internal organizational structure, and each employee’s role/understanding contained within said structure.  Nuriam and Jeff have continuously explored and implemented new technologies which bring both scale and reproducibility to our daily operations.  They have also revamped the reporting tools which are used by our internal and external management teams, and their respective employees, to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of both expectations, and their performance relative to said expectations.

IT. Jeff took on the management of Pacific Medical’s IT team back in 2012.  Since that time, Pacific Medical has developed an improved sense of team within the IT department and a clear understanding of Pacific Medical’s goals and vision.  This improved understanding has enabled the IT team to drive solutions which are employee friendly and synergistic with our corporate goals.  Additionally, Pacific Medical has continued to expand and develop “MedErp”, its proprietary software platform used to manage the OrthoLife book. MedErp coupled with our contractual relationships with Experian, Hybrent, Nuance, Empower, and DocuSign have provided Pacific Medical with the resources and tools necessary to transform its business practices from a fully manual system to one which is more automated and scalable.

During Jeff’s tenure Pacific Medical, a privately held and funded organization, has grown from a $2,500,000 revenue company with 50 employees in 2005, to a $125,000,000 revenue company with more than 600 employees.  With the exception of certain real estate obligations, Pacific Medical has developed and built this debt-free proprietary business with no outside investment.

Robert McCune

General Manager, Vice President of Top Shelf

Robert joined Pacific Medical in 2003 as the Vice President of Rehabilitation Sales in 2007, where he assumed the role as General Manager, Vice President of Top Shelf Orthopedics, overseeing all aspects of the business.  Top Shelf is is a subsidiary of Pacific Medical, manufacturing its own proprietary line of orthopedic recovery products such as bracing and soft goods for the OrthoLIFE platform, as well as providing OEM and contract manufacturing in the medical device space.  Today, Top Shelf maintains a presence in several states across the US.  Prior to joining Pacific Medical, Robert served in a variety of sales, product management, development, and operational roles for DonJoy (today DJO Global) for 14 years.  In the years prior to DonJoy, he served for 6 1/2 years as a Navy Corpsman (medic) and Orthopedic Physician's Assistant in various hospital, clinical and deployed environments with the United States Marine Corps.

Chad Sindel

Director of OrthoLIFE Business Development

Chad received his Bachelor of Science degree in Managerial Economics and his Master of Science degree in Applied Economics from the University of California, Davis.  Chad joined Pacific Medical in 2002 as a Product Specialist to coordinate the regional sales and marketing efforts for Performance Health Technologies, Inc.  As Director of Product Development, Chad managed and directed all product development, sales, and marketing efforts for Top Shelf Manufacturing, LLC a subsidiary FDA-registered orthopedic manufacturing company of Pacific Medical, Inc.  Chad then served as Vice President of Orthotics and Prosthetics and spearheaded all Orthotic and Prosthetic business efforts for Pacific Medical and its 26 Prosthetic and Orthotic Patient Care Facilities.  Since 2017 Chad has worked to manage and grow the global company-wide OrthoLIFE platform as Director of Business Development throughout Pacific Medical's 8 Western States.


Justin Crandell

Director of OrthoLIFE

Justin earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the University of California, Davis. Justin joined Pacific Medical in 2007 as an intern while he was Pre-Med at UC Davis before changing his emphasis to business. Justin started in operations across all divisions of Pacific Medical (Surgical, Rehab, and O&P) prior to the creation of the OrthoLIFE platform. As a member of the Executive Director Team, Justin is responsible for developing, managing, and implementing our propriety OrthoLIFE platform. He also develops and implements strategic plans for the organization in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

OrthoLIFE: As the Director of OrthoLIFE, Justin is primarily responsible for the field based initiatives, with over 200 employees across 30+ territories. This includes the training, development, and implementation of existing and new initiatives across the company. In addition, he focuses on the large sales efforts with major Health Systems and large network groups.

Financial: Justin is responsible for making sure that the field based efforts are profit centric and will yield the highest return for the OrthoLIFE addition. He sits on the financial committee and is part of the strategic decision of investment organizationally. In addition, he reviews all field based compensation and its impact on the global P&L.

Operational: Justin’s operational focus always surrounds efficient processes and throughput as Pacific Medical is handling over 50,000 insurance billing claims on a monthly basis. This includes field based processes and the operational impact on the internal production. Justin runs the annual sales training and education for the OrthoLIFE division as well.

IT: Justin has taken a focus with IT initiatives in the field and internally that will increase the production and efficiency of manual process and intervention. He is the point person for all new IT projects and their respective implementation in the field to improve production, while creating minimal disruption to the existing volumes.

During Justin’s tenure at Pacific Medical, and with the creation of OrthoLIFE, he has been integral in the division’s growth to a $100,000,000 proprietary billing platform. With the addition of the recent IT interfaces, the scalability and potential expansion feels limitless.

Mike Richerson

Director of OrthoLIFE Hospital Partnerships

Michael joined Pacific Medical as Director of Hospital partner- ship in March of 2009. Michael received his Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Southern Illinois University and his Master of Business Administration from Pepperdine University.

Michael joined the management team with over 20 years of expe- rience in healthcare administration, most recently as the Adminis- trative Director of Spine, Pain and Rehabilitation at Swedish med- ical Center in Seattle, WA. He has extensive experience in strate- gic planning, program development, operations, and regulatory

Jared Kenny

Director of Hospital Operations

Jared earned a Bachelor's degree from California State University Sacramento in 2004.  Jared was an Assistant Branch Manager at US Bank for 3 years after college, prior to joining Pacific Medical in October of 2007 as a Rehab Associate with the Sacramento team.  He spent 7 years in this position prior to returning home to the Bay Area where he was promoted to the Territory Manager position in the San Francisco Territory.  He then began working with a few surrounding territories in the years that followed becoming an Area Director in 2015 and in 2020 the Director of Hospital Operations.

Riley Liddell

Director of Orthotics & Prosthetics

Riley earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Washington State University in 2013.  While working on his degree, he shadowed practitioners at Pacific Medical as an Office Administrator/Technician.  In 2014, he was promoted to the role of Orthotic Fitter.  In 2016, Riley earned his Masters of Science degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics at California State University Dominguez Hills.  In 2018, Riley returned to Pacific Medical as a Certified Prosthetist Orthotist and Practice Manager.  In 2020 he was promoted to Director of O&P due to his passion to promote patient centric care and evidence based medicine.

Mark Weaver

General Counsel

Mark joined Pacific Medical in May of 2008. Mark received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from San Diego State University and his Juris Doctorate from Golden State University of Law. Mark has over 20 years of legal practice both in operation, contracts, transactions law, business law, and regulatory compliance.

Nuriam Anwary

Director of Operations

Nuriam joined Pacific Medical in 1995. She graduated from California State University Hayward with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. In May of 2008, Nuriam was promoted to Financial Controller and most recently promoted in April of 2019, to Director of Operations.  Nuriam manages all internal operational/accounting functions and the internal regional medical billing, hospital partnership, collections, and MedERP departments.

April Silveira

Director of Human Resources

April joined Pacific Medical in January of 2016. She started her career in Human Resources in 2001 and graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration specializing in Human Resources Management at American Continental University in June of 2007. April possesses Human Resource experience in employee relations, employee development/performance management, legal compliance, benefits administration, hiring, and health and safety programs. She offers a solid business acumen with a unified team approach, making a difference together, while linking business operations and Human Resource strategies that foster a results-driven culture.

Karen Scholten

Financial Controller

Karen joined Pacific Medical team in December of 2013 as an Accounting Manager for the Accounting department.  She graduated from Dordt University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting and Business Administration in 1997.  In April of 2019, she was promoted to Financial Controller.  She has a Certified Public Accounting (CPA) license for the State of California.  She possesses a knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) which she uses to review and present the Company's financial statements.  She also possesses experience in tax preparation and provides financial projections.

Ed Silveira

Distribution Manager

Ed joined Pacific Medical in 2008 and started his career in Warehouse Distribution in 1991. He has a passion in helping others succeed. Ed takes a proactive approach to enhance and/or redesign internal receiving and distribution systems by working closely with both distribution and information technology teams. Ed also serves as facilities management for improvements, maintenance of facility equipment, buildings, properties and service requests.

David Baccus

Regional Product Line Director

Dave went to North West college and majored in Biblical Theology. He also went to Renton Technical College and majored in surgical technology. Dave has worked in sales for several companies, such as Alaska Air, Johnson & Johnson, Depuy and Ortho tech. Dave started working for Pacific Medical in 2000 and is now the Regional Product Line Director for Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.

Kyle Wright

Area Director of Rehab Sales & Field Operations

Kyle received his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Washington State University. Upon graduating, Kyle worked with local athletes in his home town as a speed and strength training specialist. In 2011, Kyle joined the Pacific Medical team in Richland, WA and is now the Area Director for Eastern Washington and Idaho.

Ross Powell

Area Director of Rehab Sales & Field Operations

Ross received his Bachelor of Science degree from Montana State University in 2005 and his Master of Science /
Administration from the University of South Dakota in 2008. Ross worked as a Rehab Specialist in the Emergency
Department before joining Pacific Medical in 2009. He was hired as a Rehab Associate and in 2016 was promoted to an Area Director.

Celina Krukow

Area Director of Rehab Sales & Field Operations

Celina earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Ecology from The University of Nevada - Reno. She started her career at Pacific Medical in 2008 as a Rehab Consultant with the Reno Territory. In 2017, Celina joined the management team as an Area Director for the Northern California Sierra Nevada region.

Brycen Taylor

Area Director of Rehab Sales & Field Operations

Brycen received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business at Central Washington University. He then worked in Insurance as a Regional Marketer for American Independent Marketing before joining Pacific Medical in 2010 as a Rehab Associate. In 2011 Brycen them became Territory Manager of Greater Seattle and remained so until 2017 when he was pro-moted to the Area Director for Oregon.

Craig Sterling

Area Director of Rehab Sales & Field Operations

Craig earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Kinesiology from California State University of Monterey Bay in 2013. He started his career with Pacific Medical a few weeks after graduating college as a Rehab Associate for the Monterey Territory. He was able to quickly assume a leadership role with the Monterey team and worked his way up to a management position 5 years later in 2018 when he was promoted to Area Director.