Optimum Alliance solutions are designed to support hospital facilities and systems with outsourcing solutions to reduce costs and increase patient quality care. With the increased cost of medical care and reductions in medical reimbursements, Pacific Medical can help reduce the material cost by 50-75% and become the solution for your patients’ orthotics, prosthetics, orthopedic soft goods, and durable medical equipment needs. By placing DME at your location and having Pacific Medical service your patients, you will save money, increase efficiency, improve care, and be able to allocate resources to other areas.

Through the collaborative Optimum Alliance Program, we combine expert knowledge with medical applications to gain the trust and confidence of our hospitals, and help them manage their outsourced services.   By having Pacific Medical provide state-of-the-art clinical support, physicians and hospitals can improve DME, orthotic and prosthetic services to patients.

At Pacific Medical, we are committed to our customers, their patients, and their physicians and provide high quality solutions that result positive outcomes and greater patient satisfaction. Pacific Medical is where clinicians, hospitals, and healthcare groups turn for value-added and focused solutions. We simplify Orthotic, Prosthetic, and DME services while maintaining compliance and national accreditation.