Minimally Invasive Diagnostic Scope and  Ultrasound in One Portable Unit

Product Highlights

2.26 Diameter (same size a 1.9 Arthroscope and Sheath)

Video and Picture Downloads

Instant Media Share with Patients

5-35mm Focal Depth

120 Degree Field of View

Needle Insertion - No Trocar, No Incision

Completely Sterile - No Autoclaving

AutoFocus - No Calibration Needed

Reimbursable by Insurance

Pre-Auth Often Not Needed


Expedite Care with Immediate Diagnosis

(eliminate MRI appointment and results)

Non-MRI Candidates (Pacemaker, Claustrophobic, Pregnant, etc.)

Pre-op Joint and OCD planning

Uni Vs Total, Reverse vs Total

Injection under visualization

Economically Friendly - much less then MRI

Knee, Shoulder, Ankle, Wrist, MTP

Hip Length also available