BOA Universe

Designed to accommodate the need for a universally sized lumbar support that incorporates a mechanical advantage pulley closure system to improve compression and stability. Intuitively designed to be custom fitted to a patients size and needs. Three versions assist with lumbar (627), thoracic (631) and lateral control (637) of the lumbo-thoracic region. The light weight, low profile and comfortable design make the BOA Universe a back brace the wearer will enjoy wearing for acute or chronic conditions.

Part #

Waist Size


510301 (25" - 50") BOA UNIVERSE 627
510302 (25" - 50") BOA UNIVERSE 631
510303 (25" - 50") BOA UNIVERSE 637

Part #



Waist Measurement

510310 Extension Panel (Adds 5" to circumference Universal 25” – 50”

Boa Lumbar Control