Crusader Custom Knee Brace


The Crusader features integrated strapping, super condylar shaping, dynamic stability, and glove-like fit which make it perfect for contact & collision sports. The unique design flexes with the natural anatomy while at the same time providing extensive rigidity.


Revolution Knee Brace

The Revolution™

The REVOLUTION™ is the newest approach to functional bracing. It is ideally suited to be used in early post-injury or post-operative phase of treatment, following a cruciate or collateral ligament injury.

The REVOLUTION™ is designed to be anatomically contouring, and provides Composite Stability™ allowing the brace and the leg to work as one.


Knight Knee Brace

The Knight

The Knight™ was designed to provide active brace stability for collision or high demand activities, along with activities of daily living. The integrated strapping feature combined with a proven design neutralizes the tibia movement in relation to the femur. The graduated thigh cuff and the unique tibial contour combined with aerospace grade aluminum provide excellent support for active living. The latex free suede liners and silicone strap pads allow unparalleled comfort and migration control.