Arm Sling with Shoulder Pad

Large pocket with durable webbed shoulder strap. Shoulder pad and thumb loop allow for a secure fit without migration.

Arm Sling with Open Pocket

Pocket opens up generously for secure placement around a cast or injured arm. Includes thumb loop and adjustable nylon webbing strap.

Arm Sling with Padded Strap

Large sized pocket with thumb loop for a secure fit. Soft padded foam strap for ideal comfort over the shoulder.

Universal Arm Sling

Durable webbed shoulder strap. Hook and loop closures. Secures shoulder in position. Universal in size.

High Hand Universal Arm Sling

The High Hand Sling provides the ability to elevate and provide support to the hand/wrist following an injury or surgery. The arm is cradled in a foam pocket that is secured comfortably to the chest.