Endoscopic Gastrocnemius Recession (EGR)

Our unique S.E.G-WAY™ Endoscopic Gastroc release system gives the surgeon greater control by allowing the blade to be elevated to the surgeons preference and includes unparalleled visualization. It delivers the tactile feel of an endoscopic scalpel in a Uni/ minimally invasive approach that can help reduce the lengthy recovery time associated with these types of surgeries.

Unlike most competitive systems, the scope functions independently from the knife, rasp and probe providing ultimate system flexibility. The same system is used for Endoscopic Plantar Fasciitis release making it easy to do both surgeries in one case.


SAFETY FIRST - Minimal tissue damage (insertion of guide as far as needed)
- Tactile independent knife & Probe
- 3x the field of view.
PATIENT BENEFITS - Uni-Minimal incision (8mm-10mm)
- Patient is up and walking next day
- Faster surgery time (2 to 5 min)
VERSATILITY - System utilizes a standard 4mm 30° scope


Description Part#
S.E.G-WAY™ Instrument Set (Complete Set) 200-5560
Left Medium SS Knife Guide (4mm) 200-5012
Right Medium SS Knife Guide (4mm) 200-5022
Left Small SS Knife Guide (2.7mm) 200-5014
Right Small SS Knife Guide (2.7mm) 200-5024
Left Large SS Knife Guide (4mm) 200-5010
Upper ECuTR Guide (4.0mm long) 200-6041
Lower ECuTR Guide (4.0mm long) 200-6042
Synovial Dilator / Elevator 200-5040
Rasp, Ligament 200-5050
Probe, Ligament 200-5060
Dilator 000-0327
Retrograde Ligament Knife (SINGLE USE) 200-1003
Antegrade Ligament Knife (SINGLE USE) 200-1006


Right and Left Guides

Probe and Rasp

Retro ECTR Blade

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