Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release (ECTR)

S.E.G-WAY™ is the first Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel (ECTR) system designed to properly position the incision in the Ulnar safe Zone. It is also the only system that is anatomy and patient specific. It provides a level of safety and quality that is unavailable using any other method.The Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel (ECTR) system provide the surgeon with the ability to rasp and probe before and after the release for enhanced visualization and safety.


SAFETY FIRST ANATOMY SPECIFIC left and right guides place the blade in the Ulnar Zone
LARGER FIELD OF VIEW a wider, longer, panoramic field of view
RASP to visualize transferse fibers before release
VERSATILITY PATIENT SPECIFIC different size guides for smaller and larger hands
ASSURANCE VISUALLY PROBE the distal end before release
CONFIDENCE PROBE uncut fibers to ensure a complete release
UNIPORTAL SMALLER incision in the wrist


Description Part#
S.E.G-WAY™ Instrument Set (Complete Set) 200-5560
Left Medium SS Knife Guide (4mm) 200-5012
Right Medium SS Knife Guide (4mm) 200-5022
Left Small SS Knife Guide (2.7mm) 200-5014
Right Small SS Knife Guide (2.7mm) 200-5024
Left Large SS Knife Guide (4mm) 200-5010
Upper ECuTR Guide (4.0mm long) 200-6041
Lower ECuTR Guide (4.0mm long) 200-6042
Synovial Dilator / Elevator 200-5040
Rasp, Ligament 200-5050
Probe, Ligament 200-5060
Dilator 000-0327
Retrograde Ligament Knife (SINGLE USE) 200-1003
Antegrade Ligament Knife (SINGLE USE) 200-1006


Right and Left Guides

Probe and Rasp

Retro ECTR Blade

ECTR Incision Picture
Open vs Endo Incisions

 Endo  vs Open Incision

Nerve Branch Visualized and Avoided with SEGWAY

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