Adjustable Patella Buttress

The adjustable horseshoe buttress allows infinite adjustments for patellar stabilization. It provides warmth and compression and is available in Neoprene or Kewl Mesh.

Adjustable Patella Buttress with Contour Hinge

The Adjustable Patella Buttress with anatomically contouring hinges combines medial and lateral stability with infinite adjustments for patellar stabilization. Available in warm compressive Neoprene and Kewl Mesh.

Lateral Patella Stabilizer

The lateral patella stabilizer is designed to provide needed lateral patella stabilization. It comes in Neoprene or Kewl Mesh, a moisture wicking material. It is left/right specific with adjustable tensioning.

Tendonitis Strap 1½ inch

Used for Patella Tendonitis and Osgood Schlatters syndrome. The strap utilizes a dual buttress design to allow more control and "saddling" of the affected area. Low profile design prevents bunching in the popliteal space. May be used for Tennis Elbow conditions as well. Universal in size.

Knee Sleeve

The basic pull on knee sleeve comes in Neoprene or Kewl Mesh material. It is designed to provide circumferential compression with or without an open patella design and/or popliteal cutout.

Thigh Sleeve

Neoprene thigh sleeve provides even comfort and support for the thigh and retains body heat to help accelerate healing. Provides moderate compression, support and warmth for groin, hamstring and quadricep injuries.