Reload Knee Brace

A unilateral, adjustable tension, hinged brace for the person experiencing mild to moderate uni-compartmental knee arthritis . Designed to be worn throughout the day for activities of daily living and for those with limited dexterity. It aids by providing functional support of the knee joint, assisting to relieve pain or discomfort from the bone on bone contact associated with mild to moderate OA. It is constructed of soft fabric for comfort and flexibility. A step in wrap design assures proper positioning and ease of application when applying the brace.

Fusion OA

The Fusion OA is available in Custom and Off-the-Shelf. Its sleek and lightweight design provides optimal medial compartment off-loading for unicompartmental osteoarthritis. Fusion OA features adjustable hinge technology, which provides an effective valgus load to the knee. This hinge utilizes a telescoping condyle with a user friendly thumbwheel dial design that allows patients to easily adjust the level of pain relief without using a tool. Fusion OA also incorporates an offset gauge that clearly displays the amount of load applied in half-millimeter increments. The patented ProForm technology provides patients with an intimate contoured fit that keeps the brace in position during activities of daily living.


  • Unicompartmental OA (mild to severe) - medial compartment only
  • Chondral defect procedures
  • Meniscus procedures

Solus OA Custom

The Solus knee brace provides maximum relief for medial compartmental osteoarthritis (OA) pain. Designed for activities of daily living, Solus delivers effective load dispersion to relieve the symptoms of OA while its gel condyle pad, contoured straps and soft, cushioned frame pads provide all-day comfort, support and suspension.


  • Mild to moderate medial compartment OA without instability
  • Abnormal limb contour including varus/valgus deformity with medial compartment (OA)
  • Disproportionate leg shape