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Lab Clean Up

  1. Hand wash all scopes with cleaning spray and water gently and place on the towel on the sink
  2. Remove blades from handles with needle driver and place in the sharps containers (there are two containers on the floor)
  3. Put any other sharp items in the sharps containers.
  4. Cameras are to be hand washed. Gently spray with cleaner and brush lightly, put on large towels to dry. Make big loops on all cords when rolling them up so we won’t have damage
  5. Dish washer: turn on wait until it says ready. Run the washer for two cycles.
  6. All other items with cords (hand pieces, light source cable, foot pedals) may be washed in large loops in a separate dishwasher rack! Do not put anything on top of them (wash alone) so there is no damage.
  7. Lay out large white towels that are in the cupboards and place all washed items (other than scopes) on them. Do not stack anything on top of equipment.
  8. Do not wash power batteries. You may wipe them with Lysol wipes and leave on counter.
  9. We save our spinal needles. Put them in the blue container on counter by the sinks that have water in them for soaking.
  10. Specimen holder towers (individual pieces) are ran thru the washer
  11. Hand wash large specimen tray in the sink
  12. Tables need to be washed thoroughly with water, spray cleaner and brush.
  13. Hand wash and also place in dish washer all Omni jugs (suction buckets)
  14. Turn off all power equipment (shaver, pump, camera, light source, overhead light, washers & suction)
  15. Place your used specimen in a red bio bag, zip tie it closed tight, and place in the freezer marked “used specimens” in our specimen room
  16. If for some reason you do not use your specimen place it in the large clear plastic bags we keep in the cupboards and write on it “Good shoulder” etc. and put it in the good cadaver freezer.
  17. Mop floors with water and bleach. Cleaning supplies are located in the janitor   room in the hallway
  18. Tie up red bio trash and black regular trash
  19. Do not put specimen tray back on table until table is completely dry.
  20. Lock room when you depart

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