VersiTomic Retro Reamer

Retro Reamer Image
  • Never lose the femoral tunnel again because there no need to remove the reamer
  • No need to exchange fiberstick for reamer
  • Reams without having to manually deploy the cutter = FASTER Set up
  • Cutter automatically deploys and cuts by simply changing from forward to reverse
  • Stiffer shaft allows for greater accuracy
  • Shaft Diameter allows for all vendor buttons (Arthrex, SmithNephew, and Stryker)
  • Available in half mm sizes 6-11
  • Designed for ACL, PCL, Meniscal Transplant Prep, Meniscal Root Evulsions, and Troclear groove OATS

Part Numbers

0234-109-005 Nitinol Wire Passer

0234109060 6mm Reamer

0234109075 7.5mm Reamer

0234109080 8mm Reamer

0234109085 8.5mm Reamer

0234109090 9mm Reamer

0234109095 9.5mm Reamer

0234109110 10mm Reamer

0234109111 11mm Reamer

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