4.75 Twist Knotless Quick Clip

Twist Knotless was designed to be extremely reliable and strong. The fully
threaded screw-in knotless anchor is ideally suited for rotator cuff repair
and Achilles repair.

Features & Benefits
• Provides a step-saving alternative to conventional "knotted"
suture anchors
• Eliminates "knot stacks" associated with soft tissue irritation
Fully-threaded design
• Optimal cortical fixation
• Reduce the risk of "pull-back"
Made of PEEK-OPTIMA Natural
• Non-absorbable, radiolucent, and MR safe

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Twist Knotless Technical Pearls
  • When loading suture or tape into the passing wire, only load one to two inches, if more is loaded it will be difficult to pull through when the suture or tape folds back on itself inside the inserter shaft.
  • Twist Knotless accommodates the following suture configurations:
    • Up to four #2 sutures
    • Up to four 1.6mm suture tapes
    • Up to two 2mm suture tapes
  • Once Twist Knotless is positioned in the pilot hole, pull suture tails individually to set tension.
  • Once the desired amount of tension is achieved, make sure the surgeon removes all suture from the slot in the handle, and drops all suture limbs to ensure they are not bound in any way, before starting to screw in the anchor.
  • With downward pressure, introduce the Twist Knotless implant and rotate clockwise to fixation depth.
  •  Once the anchor is engaged, make sure to let suture tails hang freely, and as the surgeon inserts the twist knotless, the tails will wrap naturally around the shaft. Once fixation is complete, disengage the driver by pulling back and the suture will unwind as the driver is removed. There is no need to manually unwind suture from shaft.
  •  To further assist tendon positioning and final tension, have the surgical tech or PA grab the cuff tendon with a grasper and pull the cuff over to the approximate final location/tension. This will minimize tension on the construct during fixation.
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