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Cobra Black needles

Cobra Black needles are made with a 300 series stainless steel, giving them at least twice the ductility and superior sharpness than the leading competitor. As compared to stainless steel needles, Cobra Black needles are designed to enhance visibility and reduce glare, especially in blood and smaller surgery sites.


XBraid is stronger than the leading competitor with 35 lbf as demonstrated in the knot pull competitive testing charts above.

Cobra Black Weave

Cobra Black Weave incorporates helical color patterns designed to enhance visibility.

Low profile knots

XBraid TT (1.4mm) has 228% more surface area and a 59% reduction in knot-stack profile as compared to the leading competitor's #2 blue suture.

Handling characteristics

XBraid’s optimal handling characteristics make it smoother during tissue passage and more resistant to cut through.

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