At the heart of the QSPS’s innovation is its revolutionary Halo and Cradle™ head support system. The neck and head are fully controlled for the duration of even the most physical procedures. It works harmoniously to provide durable fixation for all types of patients, eliminating critical malposition during cases. Best of all, the process is so sleek and simple that the head can be positioned and fixated in one minute by one person.

  • Position and fixate in one minute
  • Easily accomplished by one person
  • Head does not shift or slide during cases
  • No straps or Velcro™
  • Unobstructed airway access
  • Easy intubation


Does your office chair have a flat back? Would you like to sit in it if it did? Why should your shoulder positioner be any different? The QSPS is the first Shoulder Positioner to feature custom formed ergonomic pads that closely fit the natural contours of the body. The superior support and stability allows it to be the first to offer full-time, bi-lateral and circumferential shoulder access. Bodies are curved; isn’t it about time the devices supporting them followed suit?

  • Custom shaped ergonomic pads
  • Superior support and stability
  • Full time access to both shoulders
  • Excellent surgical site access
  • Adjusts to fit all patient sizes and weights



With the QSPS, there is no strenuous lifting and tedious mounting. Simply roll it up to the foot section of the surgical table, engage the side rails and slide in the pins. When the pins are in, mounting is complete. Quick, painless, and easily done by one person in under one minute. Gone are the unreliable C-clamps of old. Why strain your back, pinch your fingers, and damage your fingernails if you don’t have to?

  • No lifting
  • No C-clamps
  • Rigid, slip free mounting
  • Mounting in one minute
  • One person job


bc_feature_04The QSPS is designed to fit on your existing surgical table, whatever it may be*. It easily mounts to the side rails of the leg section, and utilizes the table power to raise and lower the patient. This eliminates the need for dangerous and strenuous manual elevation of the patient from supine.

  • Fits your existing OR table
  • Automated patient elevation

*Fits tables 16″ – 26″ wide


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