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Custom videos and voices overs for your practice. Video Loops for Lobbies and Waiting Rooms, Video Brochures, Product Literature, Biologic Menus, and Custom Trifold Brochures designed especially for your practice. Let us help you educate your patients and market your services. Laminated biologic menus are now available to be disinfected between patients.

Pacific Medical, Inc. has roughly 30,000 patients a month traverse our website. We work with as a biologic patient education site and physician location service. We're thrilled and privileged to help steer inquisitive patients towards reputable providers. Can we add you to our list of providers?

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How can we help build your brand today?

We believe that a doctor's personal touch and message means the most to their patients. Let us work with you to create your own custom video brochure and message to deliver to your patients while they wait in your lobby and patient care areas. This expedites education and communicates your preferred therapy thoughts and consultation.


Give us a sound over of what you'd like to communicate to your patients about your biologic therapies, and we'll make a custom video for you to use on your website, video brochures, or Lobby Loop.

Custom Clinic Video Sample

Custom Product Video Sample

Canned Videos for Biologics or Post Operative Pain Products

Lipogems Patient Info

On Q Pain Pump

Game Ready

Cold Therapy

Lipogems Procedure

Welcome to our Clinic

Introduction to Biologics

Stryker PRP

RegenLab Processing

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*To be filled in by Sales Rep. Put PO# of associated biologics order in the comment section. If creating new customized video, email [email protected] with practice logo and any other details. All orders will be shipped ground unless otherwise specified.

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Links for Practices to Use

Video Content to Down Load, Copy Link, or Embed- We’d suggest download over embed in case these vidoes move from their currently archived position.

Lipogems Patient Animation

Lipogems Process Animation

PRP by Stryker Lobby Loop

PRP Preparation by Regen

Welcome to our Clinic Biologic Intro by Pac Med

Links to Partnered Product Providers or Other Online Resources to Consider

Learn about Lipogems

Learn about PRP

Learn about Whartons Jelly

Learn about Amniotic Fluid