Engaging Customers Through Letters and Brochures

Easy Customer Mailers

  1. Update customer Alpha List
  2. Order appropriate literature and brochures ( Literature order form) and quantities needed
  3. Review Template Letter and make changes as necessary (check wording and pricing)
  4. Edit customer name and print letter
  5. Write what you sell on your business card (ie "For PRP, Lipogems, and Tissue"
  6. Pack mailer envelope with business card, seal, write customer name on envelope
  7. Complete and deliver

Regen PRP for Aesthetics and Plastics SPRING PROMO ENDS APRIL 30th - SO ACT FAST!!!

PRP - Learn more

Items to Include:

Template Letter "PRP Regen Aesthetics Spring Special"

Spring Promo to Print

Regen Brochure (Regenlabs)

Allomend Mesh for Breast Recon to Plastic Surgeons

Allomend - Learn More

Items to Include:

Template Letter "Allomend Mesh Letter to Plastics"

Allomend Mesh Brochure (Allosource)

Allomend Fluid Egress Literature (Allosource)

Allomend Bio-compatibility Literature (Allosource)

Allomend Suture Retention Literature (Allosource)

Allomend Standard Brochure (AlloSource)

Allomend Sizing Chart (to print located on Allomend page)

ProChondrix for MTP and Talus to Podiatrists (DPM)

ProChondrix- Learn more

Items to Include:

Template Letter "Prochondrix_DPM"

Prochondrix General Brochure (Allosource)

ProChondrix MTP Technique (Stryker) (if appropriate)

Cellular Viability Literature (Allosource)

Talar Dome OCD Literature (Allosource)