Knotless Anchors

Knotless Carbon Fiber Push-In Suture Anchors

Knotless PEEK CF Push-In Suture Anchors provide a step-saving alternative to conventional "knotted" suture anchors and eliminate the "knot stacks" that can be associated with soft tissue irritation or impingement.

Made of carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK-OPTIMA™, Knotless PEEK CF Push-In Suture Anchors are non-absorbable, radiolucent, and MR safe with a modulus of elasticity closely matching cortical bone.

Recommended for use in both large and small-joint repairs.

Key Features:

  • Diameters: 2.8mm (blue), 3.5mm(green), 4.5mm(red), & 5.5mm(red)
  • Single-use and reusable drivers available
  • Suture passer included
  • Made of carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK-OPTIMA from Invibio
  • Larger Anchors can hold 6 tails of suture or 4 tails of tape