What's New in Hip?

Stryker - Advancing Hip Webinar Series

Web Series 1

Faculty: Dr. Thomas Wuerz, Dr. Michael Salata, Dr. Alan Zhang, Dr. James Genuario, Dr. Andrew Wolff, Dr. Stephen Aoki, Dr. Michael Banffy, Dr. Andrea Spiker

Previously Recorded Modules...

Module 1: Essentials of Hip Arthroscopy

Dr. Coleman and Dr. Wuerz

Module 2: Labral Repair and Chondral Injuries -Art of Achieving Suction Seal

Dr. Zhang and Dr. Genuerio


Module 3: Labral Repair - Segmental Reconstruction/ Circumferential Reconstruction

Dr. Ellman and Dr. Wolff

Module 4: Perfecting Boney Work - HipMap and HipCheck to Optimize FAI w Postless Distraction

Dr. Salata and Dr. Mather

Module 5: Interportal Cut and Management/ T Cut Management

Dr. Aoki and Dr. Nho

Module 6: Approach to Failed Hip

When to refer to open preservation surgeon

Dr. Banffy and Dr. Spiker

Core Muscle Injuries

Dr. Coleman

Safety and Efficacy for 2021...

Forgiving Flowport polymer protects cartilage while establishing portals. 

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