• ProChondrix CR, a laser-etched, cryopreserved fresh osteochondral allograft, helps deliver the necessary components for articular cartilage restoration.
  • ProChondrix CR delivers high chondrocyte viability at 6-months post-cryopreservation, with an average cell viability of 88.83%
  • When compared to fresh ProChondrix, ProChondrix CR demonstrated significantly higher metabolic activity at 3 weeks post-explantation.  Cell counts also remained higher for cryopreserved ProChondrix at the 6 and 9 week time points when compared to fresh ProChondrix
  • New Small Sizes for Talus and MTP as well as larger sizes for Chondyles, Patella, and Hip

 In addition to the above improvements, these factors remain:

  • ProChondrix is a cost-effective, single-stage alternative to marrow stimulation procedures, chondroplasty or full-thickness osteochondral replacements.
  • It is implanted arthrosco-pically or in a minimally invasive procedure
  • ProChondrix eliminates the need for autografting, which risks donor-site morbidity. It has the benefits of fresh allograft with the ease of implantation of minced or micronized products.
  • The implant also has native growth factors (bFGF,PRG4,TGF-B1,BMP-2, and PDGF), an extracellular matrix which helps support a structure for cellular migration and adhesion and viable chondrocytes.
  • ProChondrix naturally contains the three key components (scaffold, signal, and cells) necessary for the repair and regeneration of damaged cartilage tissues. It naturally matches biomechanical and biochemical properties of normal hyaline cartilage.

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