GFS Naked

The GFS Naked is designed to be adaptable to the needs of the surgeon, replacing the fixed loop with opportunity for a wider variety of fixation lengths. Just add Parcus Braid™ Suture or Suture Tape.

Parcus™ Graft Fixation Systems are indicated for use in the fixation of ligament or tendon repairs.

Key Features:

  • Button widths: 1.4mm - 4.4mm
  • Button lengths: 5.9mm - 21mm
  • Button made of 6AI-4V ELI titanium alloy

GFS Naked

Part # Description Box
10787 GFS Naked Nano Button, Button L: 5.9mm, W: 1.4mm 6
10788 GFS Naked Micro Button, Button L: 8mm, W: 2mm 6
10789 GFS Naked Mini Button, Button L: 12mm, W: 3.9mm 6
10790 GFS Naked Standard Button, Button L: 14mm, W: 3.9mm 6
10791 GFS II Naked Large Button, Button L: 16.5mm, W: 4.4mm 6
10792 GFS II Naked Xlarge Button, Button L: 21mm, W: 4.4mm 6

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