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  • DME Outsourcing

  • Customizable Solutions

Stryker's ASC Solutions For New, Existing, or Expanding ASCs

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Preparing to Add Service Lines?

Control Durable Medical Equipment Costs in the ASC

Pacific Medical's Optimum Alliance solutions are designed to support surgical facilities and systems with outsourcing solutions to reduce costs and increase patient quality care. With the increased cost of medical care and reductions in medical reimbursements, Pacific Medical can help reduce the material cost by 50-80% and become the solution for your patients’ orthotics, prosthetics, orthopedic soft goods, and durable medical equipment needs. By placing DME at your location and having Pacific Medical service your patients, you will save money, increase efficiency, improve care, and be able to allocate resources to other areas.

Joints in the ASC

TKA in the ASC - Dr. Nessler

Mako in the ASC - Dr. Schoifet

TKA in the ASC - Singer's Playbook

Technology for Multiple Specialties

Air FRAME Ceilings

Connected OR - The General Surgeon Experience

Orthopedic Solutions

Arthroscopy Solutions

Bursector vs "Bone Cutter" Shaver

Bursector offers: 80% greater Bone Removal 45% Reduction in Vibration 50% Faster Resection


Jerry Doll's Pro Tip

** Set up Foot Pedal- A Oscillate and B Forward** For RCR - 76% of guys using 5.5 Bursector - 24% of guys using 4.0 Bursector 63% of Bursectors being used in Shoulder 27% of Bursectors being used on ACL’s

Looking for Fluid Management and Resection Perfection?

  • Truly Integrated Pump, Shaver, and RF

  • ReconiSense Blade and Burr Recognition

  • Easy to Use Plugin Cassettes

  • Safe Fluid Management

  • Less OR Space

  • Complete Customization


 Pro Tip By Sam Brennan

"Keep your software updated at your facilities. The most recent updates are the most user friendly, and improve the sensors to be more accurate also improving fluid management, resection, and visualization. The newest software includes temperature sensing for increased safety".



** You'll need about 20 minutes, IPAD with customizer app, lap top, flash drive, and pump console.


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