Natural Surgical Barrier

AlloWrap is a human amniotic membrane designed to provide a biologic barrier following surgical repair. The double-sided membrane features two layers of amniotic tissue orientated with the epithelial layers facing outwards, eliminating application orientation restrictions.

  • Double-sided epithelial layer allows for maximum tissue barrier opportunities as an on-lay and/or in wrapping tissue applications, i.e. to protect against adhesions in demanding spine, trauma & extremity, and sports medicine applications
  • Tissue remains in surgical site greater than eight weeks
  • Immune privileged*, non-expansive, pliable tissue that conforms and settles within the surrounding tissues to form a stable, thin, strong membrane barrier
  • Available in a moist configuration (AlloWrap DS) or dry (AlloWrap Dry) to aid in demanding surgical placement
  • Room temperature storage, with two-year shelf life

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