AcTiFlip is a button fixation system recommended for proximal biceps
tenodesis and distal biceps repair. The titanium AcTiFlip button is
designed for unicortical and bicortical techniques. AcTiFlip is available in
two configurations. The innovative “Cinch Loop” option saves time in the
operating room. The “Infinity Loop” option is designed for conventional
whip stitching of the biceps tendon.

Buttons now available in 3.2 x 10 and 3.9 x 12 !!!

Features and Benefits

AcTiFlip Inserter
• Robust and reliable insertion of the button
Retractable finger
• Ability to reload the button if needed
• Reliable deployment of the button
Cinch loop
• Eliminates the need to whip stitch the biceps tendon
• Precise control and tension on the biceps tendon

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Screenshot 2019-03-02 18.32.09
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